One Knoxville SC

Country:the United States

Competition: USA USL League Two USA USL League One USA US Open Cup USA USL League One Cup

Stats Current (Last 10) All (Last 10)
Home Goal: 1.1 Goal Against: 1.5 Corner: 4.2 Goal: 2.6 Corner: 8.4 Goals Over: 100% Corners Over: 20%
Away Goal: 1.1 Goal Against: 0.9 Corner: 4.9 Goal: 2 Corner: 10.3 Goals Over: 100% Corners Over: 60%
All Goal: 0.9 Goal Against: 1.3 Corner: 3.6 Goal: 2.2 Corner: 8.2 Goals Over: 100% Corners Over: 40%

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